Core Values

ICG adheres to the highest ideals of professionalism and commitment to service and the values:


We advocate the truth and conduct ourselves at all times, with honesty, uprightness and adherence to sound moral and professional ethics, thereby gaining the respect of the public.


We strictly adhere to the code of professional conduct promulgated by the institute and that of the society in which we operate while promoting the highest spiritual, moral and ethical standards.


Upholding these values to ensure the accomplishment of ICGN’s mission and attainment of ICGN’s vision is a commitment we make to ourselves, the institute, the profession and the society.


We present ourselves as clearly as possible in all we do so that we can easily be understood by all.


We seek and apply new ideas to improve performance amidst constant change.

Professional in service

We are committed to render excellent professional service to everyone, the profession and to the society.


We commit ourselves to the promotion of well-informed decision making and knowledge transfer in a knowledge-seeking and sharing culture that is based on sound research and learning methodologies which inspires curiosity and rewards creativity.

Responsibility & Accountability

We commit ourselves to strong, active and devoted to the course of our society, and we are reliable, trustworthy and take responsibility for all our actions or decisions and we are ready to explain when necessary.


We uphold a strong bond of unity, working in the spirit of harmony and commonality for the common good of the profession and the society in general.



Equity & Fairness

We advocate justice and equity in all we do.


We reward excellence.