Other Corporate Governance Resources 

» “International Corporate Governance”, Encyclopedia of Corporate Governance – www.encycogov.com/B14IntCorpGov.asp

» Centre for International Corporate Governance (Nottingham Business School) (see also the International Task Force on Corporate Governance of the International Capital Markets Group (ICMG)) – www.nbs.ntu.ac.uk/cicg/

» Corporate Governance: International Research (listing of selected readings books and journals articles published worldwide – compiled by the World Bank) – www.worldbank.org/html/fpd/privatesector/cg/research.htm

» Separation of Ownership and Control (bibliography of books and articles on Corporate Governance from the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics via the FindLaw “Law and Economics” page at www.lawecon.findlaw.com) – www.encyclo.findlaw.com/biblio/5630.html

» Comparative Corporate Governance : The State of the Art and Emerging Research (edited by Klaus J. Hopt; Oxford : Clarendon Press ; Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1998) – www.oup.co.uk/isbn/0-19-826888-2

» Law-Related Corporate Governance Links – www.corpgov.net/links/links.html#law

» Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations (American Law Institute, 1994) – www.ali.org/ali/stu_corp_gov.htm

» Corporate Governance: The Combined Code and Its Source Documents (UK corporate governance codes and other related books)- www.gee.co.uk

» Comparative Corporate Governance : Essays and Materials (edited by Klaus J. Hopt, Eddy Wymeersch; Berlin ; New York : Walter de Gruyter, 1997) – www.degruyter.de

» Studies in International Corporate Finance and Governance Systems: A Comparison of the US, Japan, and Europe (Donald Chew, Stern Stewart Management Company, 1997) – www.oup.co.uk/isbn/0-19-510795-0

» “Converging Cultures: Trends in European Corporate Governance” (PriceWaterhouseCoopers “Survey Report”, April 1997) – www.pwcglobal.com/uk/eng/ins-sol/survey-rep/surv-converging.html