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Recent corporate governance scandals in many parts of the world, and the resultant financial crisis and more intense shareholders and stakeholders activism as well as globalization has made global best corporate governance, risk management, compliance standards and practices an imperative to the survival and efficiency of firms and national economies, particularly those in development and transition. It is no longer news that some of the most serious corporate failures and financial crises ever witnessed in the world were the cause of direct failures in corporate governance, risk management and compliance. To solve these problems and prevent future occurrence, continuous promotion of best-in-class corporate governance, risk management and compliance through purposeful education programmes must be put in place. Hence ICGN designed this well package GRC education programme.

The institute has a well structured and standardized best – in – class Professional Corporate Governance Education and Learning System tailored to meet the needs of the 21st century corporate professionals as well as regulators at all levels and across wide array of industries. Our CORE education programme focuses on Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Business Ethics and Compliance; Corporate Finance and Accounts; Corporate Law and Regulation; Corporate Management, Corporate Information System and Economics, Board Room Science, Leadership Art and Science, Democratic and Political Governance.


Topics to be covered include, but not limited to: Understanding the Codes of Corporate Governance in Nigeria; Recalibrating your Governance Structure and Operations for Sustainable Growth; Aligning Corporate Governance with Corporate Social Responsibility for Optimum Performance; Effective Board Practice; Complying with laws, rules and standards; Establishing an Effective Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Program; Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Aligning Regulatory Functions with Global Best-in-Class Corporate Governance Practices; Resource Governance; Corporate Governance Masterclass for Regulators; Corporate Governance as Performance Management Tool; Corporate Governance: A Tool for Firm and National Competitiveness; Improving Risk Management and Financial Disclosure Systems Under a Good Corporate Governance Framework; Establishing an Effective Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Program for State Owned Enterprise (SOE); Corporate Governance for State Owned Enterprises; Ethics, Culture and Governance; Business Continuity and Reputation Risk; Duties of Officers and Directors; Legal Framework of Governance; Meeting Compliance Requirements; Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions; Minutes for Boards and Committees; Elevating your Board’s Effectiveness with Board Evaluation; Corporate Accountability: Meetings and Disclosure; Red Flag Briefing: Respect, Behaviour & Governance and Corporate Governance for Directors.

The Industry

Our core concern, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) cut across all Industries. Consequently, we serve all industries: Financial Industry, Energy Industry, Regulatory Agencies, Executive, Legislative and Judicial arms of Government, Manufacturing Sector, State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s), Telecom, Transport Industry, Agriculture, Health, Engineering, Education and so on

For whom

Our goal oriented training programmes are specially packaged for both members and non members of ICGTM; professionals and regulators, private and public sectors actors and clients across industries. Attending our training gives you an opportunity to share from the experience of business decision makers which include: Policy Makers, Government Functionaries and Diplomats, Members of the executives, Legislature and Judiciary, Local and International Investors, Regulatory Officers from CBN, SEC, NDIC, EFCC, ICPC, CAC, NAICOM, Pension Commission and Administrators, Judicial Officers,  Researchers, Academics, Business leaders, Board Members, C-level executives, Senior Managers, Middle Level Managers, GRC Consultants and Experts, Financier Controllers, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers, Lawyers, Bankers, Insurers, Financier Analysts, and Corporate Professionals at all levels across Industries.

Training Methodology: We adopt flexible programmes which we implement through Action Learning Strategies (ALS) supported by strong multimedia technologies that help our trainees to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills that will help them to drive the responsibility and performance in their organization. Our focus is to close the gaps and barriers created by theories, cultures, realities and practices, thereby enhancing corporate best practices.  To enhance real life experiences, relevant and up-to-date Case Studies are richly used in our trainings. Our case studies are written accounts of real or simulated managerial problems, dilemmas, and situations in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) or related concepts calling for Solutions. Analysis of cases is an exercise in critical understanding of concepts and causes of problems and events, thereby strengthening the ability of our trainees and Managers solve problems relating to (GRC) in their organizations.


The Institute has an assemblage of renowned experts in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), the field we have chosen to function. Our facilitators are drawn from a wide array of background in various areas of business leadership. Our experienced in-house and associate researchers, professionals, and consultants have successfully worked with all kinds of organizations to provide skills, tools and processes that build leadership, governance, risk management and compliance.

Certification:   All our programmes are duly certified, and certificates are awarded participants at end of each programmes.

For Registration and more details about the above programmes contact:

The Registrar/CEO or The Director Learning System, Strategy and Innovation

Corporate Headquarters: Corporate Governance House, Suite 35A,Silla-Zeka Plaza, No. 29 Adebayo Adedeji Crescent, off Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako Business District, P.O. Box 16082, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

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